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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I did a bad, bad thing!

I created a list of all my WIPS in an attempt to whittle them down. I came up with 46!!! That seems like a LOT to me. How about you?

Next step is to figure out a rotation system or something to work on them. Past rotation attempts have worked to a degree, but not for long. Any ideas?

I think my 2012 goal will be to get a certain percentage done, but still working on what that should be too.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions and will get back to you all when I make a decision.


Karen said...

OMg...that does seem like a lot but I am sure you can make some headway through them this year!

happy stitching....

Anna van Schurman said...

Right now I have 26 (just started nine of those this month). I usually go with a percentage, usually 25%. It depends on how many you usually finish in a year. I aim for fewer than I know I can do to leave myself room for the inevitable things I will start and finish. (I think that last part makes no sense, but it's about finding new things I need to stitch during the year.) Good luck!

Peggy Lee said...

46? FORTY-SIX???
How..I mean, when...oh I can't even imagine! How will you work on them and not give in to choosing to start a new release that you fall in love with when you lay eyes on it?
Good golly Gertie....I am rooting for you!
Sorry I don't have any good suggestions. My head is still spinning.

Mindi said...

Don't feel bad, when I did that I came up with over 50. I figure that some of those I won't actually finish, since I don't like them anymore. As for a rotation, I'm just trying to really concentrate on a few at a time and really limit new starts.

Christine said...

46? OK...
I'd pick out about half a dozen of my favourites and work those into your plan for the year, then if you finish those you can add in others to replace them

Deb said...

There is no way that I'm going count all my WIPS. I made up a partial list the other day and then forgot about the ones that were hanging in the closet. I had to stop. I'm just working on what appeals to me now. As long as I work on those and not start something new, I'm doing good.

Michelle said...

46 - That sounds good to me - I must also have at least so many on the go! I would pick out a few (your favourites of the moment or some that are quick to finish) and concentrate on them for a while. Also beware of my weakness - too many new starts!

Nancy said...

I'm afraid to count my WIP, lol! Bet I have at least as many as you! Going to concentrate this year on getting some of them finished!

Deanne J said...

Good luck with your plan, right now I have abt 20 WIP/UFOs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

46!!!!!! Wow!!! I have that many charts waiting but only a couple started.
I'd choose the one with the least to do and finish it first, then the next and so on. If you want to rotate I'd pick 4 and work on them for a week each but again choosing at least 2 of them which are nearly finished.
Whatever you decide remember to post pics so we can cheer you along!

Pamela said...

46? Don't even worry about it. That's not many at all!

When packing to move here, I counted more than 200 (and that's just the ones I want to finish). I think that number will go down, as I don't have the opportunities to take classes and start more projects, like I did in the US.

Figuring percentages and working in a rotation would take the fun out of it!