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Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss Maddie Has Been Limping

I will have fun stitching post later today or tomorrow, but I thought I would share the not so fun news that Miss Maddie tore the equivalent of her ACL and needs surgery! It has a 4 month recovery half of those spent in a crate it seems. Not to mention we need a first born child to sell in order to help pay for it! She is still young enough and otherwise healthy (she is only 7 years old) so she has some good years ahead, if we have the surgery done. Without the surgery she could get better, but would always have a limp and not enjoy running and playing, so we are saving up to get it done. Oh, boy!!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Many hugs. It is awful when the furry ones are injured.

gracie said...

Poor Miss Maddy. Just about 2 years ago our Zoe needed surgery. I do know/understand the $$. Not always easy is it. Zoe sends {{hugs}} for Miss Maddy.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I'm sorry that Miss Maddie has injured herself - my own dog (Indy the german shepherd) came down with a bacterial infection last week, and I had to practically sell my first born to pay for the medication; the vet wanted me to have Indy stay at the vet's office for 3 days, but that would have doubled the price of her treatment. I think I need to look into pet health insurance :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Maddie. Our Border Terrier (a much smaller dog) had ACL surgery 2 years ago and altho healing took a while, she is great today. We were warned that limiting her jumping afterwards would help and it has; up and down on furniture okay but not too much outdoors for playing. Straight running and walking has been fine. A friend had a large Golden with this surgery and recommends wrapping Maddie's middle with the equivalent of a towel with a handle (ask your vet for ideas) to help support her while she 'does her business' since I know with ours, her leg was in a cast for a while.

Good luck.

Jessica said...

Oh Miss Maddie, how terrible. I wish you well saving for the vet costs, it's so expensive.

Casey said...

My lab has had two eye surgeries and two teeth removal surgeries, so I can only imagine how much an ACL would cost! They are so worth it though. The unconditional love they give is worth every penny!

Pamela said...


Sorry to hear about Maddie. Our pets are members of the family and we do what we need to so they are happy and keep us happy. Best wishes for a quick and as inexpensive a recovery as possible!

Lynn said...

Poor Maddie! I can just imagine the cost but I know I wouldn't hesitate if it were me. She is still a young dog and has many playful years ahead of her. Good luck with your saving.