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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowflake Biscornu

At our December Sampler Guild of the Rockies (SGR) meeting we could purchase the instructions and kit for a very pretty snowflake biscornu designed by one of our talented members. It consisted of 5 strips of three squares - the photo here shows the strips cut out of the fabric. Naturally since we had a month to complete it, I started the stitching the Monday before the Sunday January meeting!! It really was not hard to stitch.

Then at our January meeting we got the instructions and stitching time to turn the strips into the biscornu! I was able to stitch at the meeting to the point of needing to add the stuffing and was happy about that! Here it is all stuffed and sewn shut. I think I maybe could have added more stuffing, but I am happy with it!

I have it set out on the front entry table with some other snowmen for the January display. The tall fellow I made about 12 years ago and would do a few things differently now, oh well, I still think he is cute. The wooden one I got at a local craft fair this past fall and he is made of local aspen wood. The trio at the right were the SGR gift to chapter members at the December Christmas Tea.

We got a tad bit more snow (about an inch) last night, but with sunshine and warmer temps forecasted the new stuff should be gone in no time. But I think these snow folk are safe inside.
 Happy Stitching!!


gracie said...

I love biscornu's...and and your's is very nice. I have not seen this kind before. I have only made the one's using 2 squares...a that is different. I will have to try to find a pattern for one to try! You did a nice job with it.

Ranae said...

Pretty snowflake biscornu

Theresa said...

Your biscornu is gorgeous!!!!!! I love the blue fabric, it makes the white stands out really nice~

Karen said...

Very pretty finish.... love the white on that blue fabric.

happy stitching...

Nancy said...

Beautiful work!!

Cole said...

Great finish! I've done a couple of biscornus, but the 15 sided ones look so amazing, well done :)

Lynn said...

Wonderful job on the biscornu! I keep saying I'm going to try one of these I still haven't got around to it yet.
One of these days, lol!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Very pretty biscornu - I've never seen one like that!

Mindi said...

I love your snowflake biscornu! I've made the regular 4 sided ones before with just 2 stitched pieces, but have yet to get brave enough to try the 16 sided ones.

Denise said...

Very cute Biscornu! I have a pattern for a 15 sided Biscornu but have not had the courage to start it.
Happy Stitching